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Estate Agents

Sales & Lettings Boards
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£5.50 each

What We Do

The page should probably be titled "What do we do that our competitors don’t?" as the answer to this question is surely what allows you to distinguish between one manufacturer and another, and what you really need to know?

So what do we do that others don’t? Well, we listened to you and looked at our services from your perspective to see where we could improve and this is what we came up with…

New Pricing Structure...

In mid 2009 we threw away our original pricing system and started again with a clean sheet of paper. We listened to your concerns, went away with all your comments and came back to the market with the lowest prices of any of the major players in our field. We stripped away the unnecessary extras, streamlined our production to provide you with a quality board service at a very affordable price.

New Board Packages...

Again, you told us what you really needed. You said you wanted a complete package with nothing missing, you told us you wanted a total price for the pack without any added costs and you told us you wanted a discount for buying it all together…so we came up with our new discount board packages. These packs are not just starter packs as some of our competitor’s offer… no, these packs are tailored to suit the quantity you want to buy, not what we want to sell.

We can now offer you complete board packs (boards, posts, slips, fixings, design, artwork & carriage) in any quantities from 10 to 1000. You tell us how many you want and we’ll quote the pack to fit. If you have a maximum budget or a minimum quantity, just let our sales team know and we’ll make sure you get the best possible value for money.

New Prestige Coating

Most of our clients want their boards to last forever. Although this is impossible (and not good for our business!), we have managed to go some way towards this goal. We’ve developed a unique coating that protects and encapsulates your boards to provide a permanent protection against the two biggest causes of early board decay – scratching/fading of ink and engrained dirt/grime. No longer will you have to use boards looking dirty with scratched or fading images… our prestige coating ensures your boards look like new every time they’re used. Please email for further information.

New Lead Times...

Lead times are always a difficult obstacle to overcome… but we think we’ve cracked it. We’ve done our homework, and our average lead time over the past ten years has been a very respectable ten days from start to finish. But, you’ve asked us for better, so we’ve changed our infrastructure to operate permanent 24 hour shifts, 5 days a week with weekends available as and when necessary. Our new shift patterns will enable you to receive your goods in the fastest possible time, which we aim to be an incredible 5 working days. So, If you’re desperate for your boards and you have your artwork ready, give us a ring and you could have your boards by this time next week!